Monday, August 18, 2008

weekend with daddy

Doug was home for the weekend and the kids where happy. He went back to work this morning and will be home again next Saturday. I know for me anyways it is so much quieter and calmer when he is gone. Saturday we had a cook-out bonfire with Mary and the kids next door they really had a nice time, roasting marsh mellows, swimming, and running all over the place. It was a good night. I know Madeline and Kristen are trying to enjoy each other all they can since Kristen goes back home next week,boy the time sure flies.But there Will be things to look forward to here . Apple-picking, and hayrides, and Halloween.Yesterday Doug came to church and saw the kids sing there VBS songs. Then we had turkey legs on the grill for diner and lite our fireplace outside and roasted marsh mellows and swam in the pool- which has finally cleared up. So it was a good weekend now its time to get back to schooling.I just now they will be so happy to hear that:-)

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