Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grace's birthday

Happy 9th birthday to my energetic Grace. She is my firecracker full of life and energy. She lives life to its fullest and enjoys every minute of it. She can be hard to keep up with but she is fun to have around. She is also my defender of the wronged, and will stand up for what she thinks is injustice every time.I know God has some great plans for her.

Monday, November 16, 2009

piggy flu

sorry I have not been blogging much lately but we are all down with swime flu, lucky us. Its funny I have been fanatic about lysoling everything , staying out of crowds, handwashing etc. so here we ae sick anyhow. We went to a local theater on thursday for a native american show and it was filled to the brim with shools and I just know one of those kids was a typhoid-mary. And shared with us. funny though Shawn and I have it the worst, Adam and Madeline not so much.So we are living on tylenol, motrin , and soft drinks and grahm crackers, -yummy;-)

So I will be back on in a few days, and please ladies if you wouldn't mind praying for us. Especially Shawn who is getting hammered by it- he is 2, and his fever has been up and down he is cool today so thats good. but its scary to see them so ill.

Hope all of you stay well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

42 today

Yes another year older, a few more gray hairs a little wrinkle here some sagging there. It is another year gone by, my birthday, yay. My kids are so excited, they love birthdays. Me I am in a moment of reflection of where I have been and where I am going what I would like to do this year, where god has set my path and how the journey is going. I am feeling content okay with how life is, settled feeling very blessed with the little ones he has placed around me, a hubby who works like a dog so we can live as we do. And we have good times simple but good.We have a strong family and good friends around us, which is a great gift all in its own.

So today as another ache join my body, I will say Thanks to God for another year gone by, and pray for guidance to live as he would have me, and to take the time to listen to his call.