Monday, August 4, 2008

a new school year has begun

we are beginning our new year this week:-) Grace is 2ND, Madeline 6Th, Adam prek and Shawn just his cute little self:-)

I like the routine of the school day and enjoy teaching,reading, and learning with the kids, I have learned as much as they have on some days. That I think is one of the biggest joys of being a homeschooler, seeing those light bulb moments when they just get it. And getting those moments together.

I thank Jesus everyday for being able to teach them at home the way the Lord meant for us to do. He did not give us children to hand over to some government run institution to raise, with heavens knows what values they are taught- gay marriages are OK, abortions are just family planning,feeling good about yourself is most important-,not doing the right thing . - putting them in bullying situations , where it is impossible to learn. Making kids feel inferior, and lost.

No my children will be raised in a place of godly love and learning. Where the values of a pleasing life to god are taught, making good moral decisions are important,treating others with respect and dignity are a must. Standing up for what you believe is a great thing, even if no one else believes it.After all Jesus never said the walk would be easy, he just promised to walk it with us and hold us up over the trials we will face. for this will build our character and strength and make us the salt and light to the world.

God Bless Us this day , as we seek to please you in all we do. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow praise him all creatures here below.

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