Saturday, August 2, 2008

a stormy summer day

we had quite the stormy day today, several strong storms and tornado warnings a couple of times. Makes for an interesting day.

We spent the day playing board games Monopoly Jr., Pictionary, go-fish, checkers. Madeline played Monopoly and Pennies with Kristen at our neighbors, so it was a good day. I love days of using our minds to be entertained not the TV. Then after a great dinner of chicken- from the farm across the street- off the grill and fresh picked corn. The kids made an obstacle course in the living room and also had a dress up dance party.

They do know how to have fun, and come up with great ideas :-)

Well need to get to bed for church tommorow:-) We have had somany blessings this week, it will ell good to go to the lords house for a bit:-)

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