Sunday, August 3, 2008

dinner and a swim

we just got home from my moms house, we had Sunday dinner with them today- we do it often on Sundays, it is a nice chance for the kids to visit a bit . And the kids went in the pool with Doug and pop and had a great time, Adam brought his huge water guns and the kids where after pop. I know when they came in they ate like vultures, we had salmon,shrimp,corn and salad and there wasn't much leftover.

After dinner the kids always watch a movie with pop and Doug- tonight it was Toy Story-Adam's current favorite-and have big bowls of ice cream. It is such a nice time to be together. We are truly blessed to have such a loving family around us. I know I would be lost without them my mom is my life line, and pop is such a strong figure in the family he is a calming ,safe ,reassuring figure in whatever storms we may face. I thank the Lord everyday form bringing him to our family.

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