Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a very interesting day

yesterday turned into quite a good day, it started off rough Doug's car wouldn't start so he took ours, and we canceled the pool party cause the water was very chilly from the storms the night before. So the kids were not in good moods int he morning,but I always tell them make the most of what we have. We have a ton of blessings all around us.So after lunch they went to get a snowball from Ms.Carol and found a bird with a hurt wing which of course Grace brought home , he is resting under a tree in the yard, and seems to be fine now.Of course he wondered a bit to close to Bandit- who is a retriever- and Bandit picked him up and brought him back to Grace, who screamed her head off,but its what a retriever does he didn;t hurt him just brought him back. After that excitement wore off Grace and Adam promptly climbed our huge pine tree and retrieved a huge nest out of the top of it, they where covered in pine sap which is a bear to get off. They smelled nice and fresh though.Madeline went to her friend- Alana's- house and rode skateboards. So after all the mopping in the morning the day turned out to be alright after all. Today after our school work is done we are taking a walk int he fields across the street.

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