Thursday, August 7, 2008

thoughts and ramblings

maybe its the time of year end of summer/before fall, the season is changing, the nights are getting cooler theres the faint whiff of jasmine in the air-could be the fact I am getting older will be 41 soon-. But it always makes me a bit melancholy.I have been just in a bit of a mood latley.Not a bad one really sorta musing over the kids growing up-Madeline is going to be 13 soon, and that went very fast, in 13 more years she will be 26 and she could be a mom by then:-0 I can still remember bringing her home from the hospital like it was yesterday.She is beginning to leave behind girlhood things-like dolls, and toys-, and she is becoming a young lady.She isn;t a diva type teen -thankfully-, more a nature/animal girl. It is a bittersweet pleasure to watch her grow-up:-)and find her own path in the world. And it is not easy to sit back and let her go .

And Grace will be 8 in November and she is quite the tomboy. she is amusing to watch with her bugs,frogs and whatever other critter ventures her way. She always makes me laugh. It was only a blink in time when she was just learning to walk.

Adam isn;t a baby anymore he is a little boy now-4 this summer-. He has his own unique personality and likes. He is my buddy, a cool dude, he likes to be tough but he is very sensitive- watch out ladies;-)-. He likes to help out around the house , and he likes to help his daddy with chores in the yard.

Shawn he is just a bouncy, cheery , cuddly toddler who is into everything. His thing now is to get out my can goods and roll them all over the place- I have found soup , under my bushes outside:-)-. He is saying Adam's name- the first word he has really clearly said.He also says my name and Bandits.

So they are all growing up and doing good, becoming their unique self's. It is a fun ride to be on with them.

This fall I am feeling the need to draw them very close and just hug them close. Bake cookies, and have teas with them. Take long walks in the woods, read good books together int he evenings, and snuggle by the fire and roast marshmallows. Really just be close and together and enjoy them.Time is fleeting and before we know it the kids will be all grown and gone, now is the time to be with them and enjoy them. Theres no waiting till tomorrow,cause tomorrow they will e driving and dating and having families of there own. I will then be a side player in their lives someone they visit from time to time . Not a main player who is guiding them and living each day with them.

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