Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canvasback duck

We have a new visitor to our river this beautiful Canvasback Duck, they do live on the Chesapeake and in its tributaries, we don;t always see them though. He is rather brave and has come up for bread. It seems every year a different duck or type of waterfowl wonders in our river so this year it seems to be Harvey- as he is being called- is our visitor. It is always such a gift and a blessing to me to see these creatures, God made so many lovely animals to share with us, it is always nice when he brings them here for us to witness and enjoy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gunpowder Bison Farm

The kids had a lesson on the bison- they are not buffalo-, there was a brand new baby in the field the momma kept him away from us but we did get a glimpse. These bison where not to happy we where there, notice the raised tail of the male walking by the gate. While Shawn chilled in the grass and listened.

This was such a fun trip. After the talk we went into the store and browsed, we took home some sausage, and beef jerky, both where very good. We are going back for some steaks for the grill soon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aberdeen Swim Club

Our local home school group is dissolving after this year and had to use the funds to officially close the group. So they rented out the Aberdeen Swim Club for us, what a fun fun fun day.

Having fun in the beautiful pool, the water was quite refreshing on a 90 degree day.

Adam doing a cannon ball that's him in the middle of the picture, he has become quite the daredevil.

Awesome welcome to summer kind of day, though it is a bit sad that the group is folding, but it is a new beginning an who knows where the road will lead us.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lydia's Family:-)

Do you remember the duckling Madeline raised last year,Lydia? Well she has four babies of her own now:-) She brings them to sleep on our sunk boat each night and they are quite cute.

We have been blessed to have the chance to see her family and she lets us feed them by hand.I have teased Madeline and told her she is now a grand mom:-)

Happy birthday

Happy 6th Birthday to Adam, where has the time gone.

Many blessings and love to my wonderful boy. He is quite the comedian and keeps me laughing and he gives wonderful hugs.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cromwell Valley Park- me and the boys hiking days

For the past few months the girls have participated in a homeschool garden club at Cromwell Valley a local park , which has a lot of nice trails to hike as well.So each week as they gardened the boys and I had our own club a hiking/exploring club:-)

A view on one of the trails we walked and some flora we enjoyed. Adam with a walking stick he found, he actually found us all one.

the boys found a walking stick for me and they enjoyed the hike too.

we hiked all around the park every week for six weeks, and it was a fun time. Exploring , and seeing the changes as the trees and flowers awoken and spread their leaves. This was a wonderful time for the boys and I while the girls planted their gardens.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First boo-Boo of the summer season

Summer hasn;t begun unitl theres a first boo-boo,;-) Well ours happened this weekend when Shawn slipped off the pool ladder and hit the bricks-literally- . he hit his head over his eye and his arm I think he twisted. I was at the time right next to him helping Adam out of his life jacket so he go to potty and the next thing I know Shawn came down pretty quickly. He was a bit dazed and seemed in shock so we took a fun trip to the local E.R. where it was decided he was more scared then anything. And i had a few more gray hairs then I began the day with.

So I am so thankful to God for catching him cause this phot could be alot worse. Head injuries can be serious.