Friday, August 1, 2008


we went geooaching today, which is like a huge treasure hunt with gps's. someone- we don;t know who- hides caches all over the place, and others like us find them. They are containers with little treasures in them you leave one in it and sign a log book that you found it. It is quite fun some of the treasures are quite hard to find. Todays was hidden in Cromwell Valley Park, and was quite a hike- 1 1/2 miles uphill steep and rocky, The kids had a blast and found the box - me I am wiped out I had to carry Shawn the whole way cause he didn;t want to walk.Thankfully Melinda and Irina took turns at carrying him- thank Jesus for those strong women:-)

Afterwards we headed to a stream to cool off then stopped at Chic Fil A for lunch on the way hoem. Right now everyone is chilling out and getting ready to get snowballs from our neighbor.

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