Monday, August 25, 2008

rain rain rain go away come again another day

Well our trip to the petting farm didn't last too long, we where rained out by a very heavy downpour pretty quickly. We did get to visit with Paula and Bridgett for a few minutes anyways though. It is always a pleasure to see her . It has been down pouring all day off and on and it is so icky,humid out,uggggh. I guess on the bright side we did get a lot of school done, we did math,phonics, handwriting , and Adam and Grace where dancing to some music. We also got a lot of housework done,hey why not. When the kids complain they are bored I have plenty of ways to entertain them -mop, broom, vacuum, laundry, math, research paper etc...We are waiting on daddy to get home he took his motorcycle to work today and its not the best hing in the rain so he stopped at a local pub and is waiting it out. Honestly its not him on the bike that worries me its the idiots in cars that pay no attention around them that worry me most.

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