Thursday, August 21, 2008

a froggy night

Grace certainly had her share of frog fun this evening, we found a nice size tad under our wading pool and he is in a little carrier under the slide, with leaves and stuff- just for the night he must be set free tomorrow, so he can eat.She also found a baby bullfrog- a big baby- at Ms.Carols when we went down for a snowball, he was a big boy. grace tried to hide him in her shirt to bring him home but he was let go- I hope- to return to his place under the drainpipe. We, really do like watching them and they are great mosquito catchers. This one however had some bite marks on his back -like a snake bite- so for tonight anyway he is not someones dinner:-) We have spent the larger part of the summer raising tadpoles from he little pond/ditch across the street int he farmers field, right now there are roughly 10 ready to be let go in the frog tank we have to move them into when they are not tadpoles anymore,it has been a very enjoyable learning experience for us to watch so many change before our eyes into frogs, and to have a hand and helping them at least survive to the frog stage:-)The lord always gives them something fun to learn about over the summer months- and we seem to end up with frogs alot-. And we did find freshwater pearls this year in some clams in the river that was very cool.

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