Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy,Happy, birthday to Adam:-)

My oldest son is turning seven:-) Adam is such a joy :-)I can remember the day he joined our family, the long scary delivery where he and I almost didn't make it, but we did:-) And here we are seven years later, my little giggle box, who makes me smile. He has become such a wonderful young boy, full of life and love, watching him grow is such a blessing, and I thank God everyday for letting me be a part of his life:-)

Wishing my fun loving son a wonderful birthday he turns seven:-) Wow where does time go.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a Tim Burton Party

We recently took a trip down the rabbit hole to a wonderful friends 16Th birthday party, which was full of fun folks and lots of laughs:-0)

Grace was the Chesire Cat:-)

we met the Mad Hatter and the little mouse, and the red queen and white queen where polite to each other.

will the cakes make us shrink, the butter beer make us giggle, the cayenne pepper frogs, make us hop.

all the children had on fun costumes and really enjoyed seeing what each other had come up with.

The girls and their friends had such a blast at this party what a wonderful time, and a great way to celebrate with a special friend.

our boat sailing adventure

Having spent a morning building boats with our recycled materials the children wanted to sail them, so I decided to let lessons go for the day and go to the park. We packed lunch grabbed some toys and off we went on a windy spring day.

The boat builders and the boats. They had fun seeing how long they stayed afloat and seeing which design worked best.

Racing along the beach.

Shawn spent alot of his time playing in the sand and getting his bucket filled with water for a sand castle- sort of-.

Madeline helped Shawn build his castle.

it ended up being a fun way to spend a few hours enjoying the sun,sand, and each other.