Friday, February 12, 2010

what to do with a blizzard

make snow ice cream of course:-)it is so super easy clean snow- with 4 feet in three days we have plenty of that ingredient-, vanilla extract and cream,milk or condensed milk -whatever you have on hand. You can very the flavor to by adding different extracts, or coco powder.It does not refreeze well at all so you have to eat it then or dispose of it, and make more later.


such a fun treat, so when life hands you the unexpected

Thursday, February 11, 2010

bouncy party and play

we recently went to a home school day at our local bouncy place, it was a fun afternoon after being snowed in a few days , the kids where ready for some fun with friends, and i was ready for adult conversation.

shooting a few hoops is alot of fun.

Shawn says I think I can, I think I can, well maybe with some help:-)

Perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon with our home school friends. Can't wait to go again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pet Expo 2010

WE made our yearly journey tot he Mid-Atlantic Pet Expo, last weekend- before the snow came-. We saw many friends, talked to great folks about their pets and organizations. and had a wonderful time laughing over some fries and cokes. Precious times together.

there where horses to ride and gold to be panned:-) Something for everyone.

Kangaroos, Owls, and snakes oh my:-)

this beautiful bird loved Adam and wanted to leave with him:-) The Ferrets belong to a friend who was there with The Baltimore Ferret Club, Grace goes to the monthly meetings with them, and plays with the ferrets.

this is an annual event and we love it. our family is a big animal loving bunch- not daddy so much but he tolerates us:-)-Can't wait till next year.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

blizzard 2010

we are in the middle of the snow event of the year for us, actually the decade, we don;t get much snow at all, and snow falls like today's only once a decade, we are at 20inches already, have had snow lightning and thunder- that was very cool-. and all kinds of fun bird visitors. I am thinking of doing snow ice cream, tons of clean snow today.

Shawn peeking out the door, he and all of them are very excited, the snow drifts are way over his head already. The dogs romping,they love love love this . and the birds are waiting in line for a chance at the many feeders in the yard, we filled them to overflowing last night.

we are only halfway through this storm suppose to snow all day today and be very windy so lots more drifting,, and power outages, I am in deep prayer ours stays on.but all in all it is so beautiful I am always in awe of Gods hand at work.

Friday, February 5, 2010

National Chocolate Fondue Day

this of course is a holiday I can;t pass up, so around lunch time I pulled out my little dipper and put in some chocolate chips a bit of shortening and some vanilla, and by the time lunch was cleaned up we where ready. We had a wonderful tray of yummy dippers all ready to go.

Dipping our treats in the fondue, Shawn was napping he has a pretty heavy head cold so missed out on this, I will heat him some up later.

what a fun way to spend a snowy afternoon,as the blizzard of the century is barreling down on us:-)and of course any excuse for warm chocolate is a good one right?:-)