Friday, August 8, 2008

tweens river swim day

what a fun day today was:-) We had the teens and Tween homeschooling group over today for a pool party, which turned into a river swimming day. The kids had a blast, they got into a mud throwing battle and came out looking like swamp monsters:-) But they laughed and played and had a hoot. It was nice to see them be well teens. And they where so good with Adam and Grace, they just fit right in. Our dog enjoyed having several extra kids to play with him he ,too, was a gray mud monster when he came out, he is in the front room drying off after a quick wash down.I will say no one had a hard time getting to sleep tonight.

And it was nice for me to get to chat with parents of other homeschooling tweenagers, who are all going through this stage of life with their kids and fully get-it, after all we are the ones with them all day, through the moodiness, and hormones and all that fun stuff:-) But again I wouldn;t have it any other way, I am so glad to be the one they come to with emotions raging, and questions coming, and concerns , and crushes, etc...And its nice also as a homeschooler they do get to be with their peers,but we parents have a bit more control over who those peers are, and how they spend their time together. We can guide them into constructive activities, and help them develop healthy relationships, that build their self esteem and images. And give them positive feedback from each other.

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