Wednesday, August 20, 2008

begining our science lessons

we began our lessons today in science and we are doing Chemistry-Atoms and Molecules- we did the vinegar/baking soda experiment- the erupting base and acid test. It was fun. we will be doing some interesting stuff this year it is deep enough for Madeline and I will have do lab sheets- and easy enough for Adam to understand and participate. We will be doing the red cabbage base in a few weeks that should be fun.I am also planning to do plants/Botany with them as well. I have a few plants and things ordered from Rainbow Resources. To get started, we are going to try a Venus fly-trap that should be fun we can feed it ground beef-how cool is that-. I am also planning to do some things with magnets and static electric and maybe solar science. Stuff everyone can thrive and learn with.We will be reading a bio on Louis Pasture, and microbes, and some things on Alexander Graham Bell also.

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