Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun at Webers

One of our favorite fall destinations is Weber's a local farm and fun place to visit. They have a great play area for kids of all ages, with mazes, and boo-barn.

We began with a hayride and stopped for a fun photo opp.

Whats a day at Weber's without a trip or two down the hill side slide:-)

Adam loves these peddle tractors, , Shawn in the hay tunnels:-)

See you on the farm next year:-) This is such a fun annual event, can;t imagine fall without it:-)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Church Harvest Party

We attended our churches harvest party and had an amazing time.

The kids dressed in fun costumes=Shawn was a firemen but all he would wear was the hat and not too long either.

we made some fun crafts, masks, goodie bags, and pumpkin lanterns. had some yummy popcorn and warm cider.

one of the cars that was decorated for trunks or treats.

the night ended with roasting marshmallows .

a fun time with friends always a great way to spend the night.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rollerskating with the boys

the girls are away this week so the boys and I attended our monthly home school rollerskating. It was a lot of fun seeing old friends and meeting some new ones, and getting some exercise in .

Adam taking a break, he fell alot, but he was determined to get it and did not want me to help.

Shawn discovered the video games ad liked them alot. Especially the pinball.

The skating and game playing really wore them out this was the view in my rear view mirror:-)

looking forward to next months home school skate so the girls can join in. Lots of fun today.

Meet Rusty

We recently added a new family member, Rusty:-) She is a lovely little lady. She was dumped down the street from us at the beginning of summer and the kids have been petting on her all summer trying to lure her to the yard and trying to convince me to keep her.

Long story short they talked daddy into bringing her inside, and here she has been ever since. She shows no interest in ever going back outside and likes her pillows and bowls of milk , and curling up by the fireplace.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sandro Boticcelli Relief painting

WE are beginning our year using Short Lessons in Art History, for our art studies and a bit of history mixed in. The lessons begin with the artist of the Italian Renaissance. This past week we did Sandro Botticelli- he painted the birth of Venus, Primevera and other wonderful paintings-. We poured over art books to see copies of these works.

We then made relief paintings with crayon and watercolor. the effect was wonderful the kids where surprised at how the watercolor wash really made the crayon pop off the page.

Next weeks artist is Leonardo Di Vinci we may actually spend a bit more time on his works, I have a great add on book Leonardo for Kids which I am planning to use a bit as well.

Adam's soccer team picture

Go Cheetahs:-)