Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Express

This past Saturday we went on a train ride in Delaware, with my dad and step mom, this was their Easter gift to the kids. Which was a wonderful treat. Shawn especially is my train buff he carries his woo-woo's - as he calls them- everywhere he goes. We couldn;t have asked for a better day the weather was fabulous, the company lively, and the kids where wonderfully behaved.

meeting the bunny, we did this on the train as well, but it was so nice outside and Shawn actually liked the rabbit I was surprised he isn;t too keen on those costumed characters.

in our seats having a wonderful ride. We where at the begining of the train right by the doors that the conductors used. Much to the kids delight this is where the bunny cam out of. And the man with the trolley full of goodies, just like on The Hogwarts Train, the kids asked him if he ahd any magic choclate frogs, he checked and was out of them that

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after the train ride we watched them fill the boiler up with water- just like Thomas does- Shawn just loved this.And it seemed like a moment from yest er year.

Thanks to my dad and step mom for a lovely day out, our train loving family had a great time:-)And Shawn will have sweet choo dreams for along time to come:-)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hiking The Mill

On a recent family outing we went to Jerusalem Mill , and spent a fun family day exploring the mill, gun shops, blacksmith shops and hiking the trails.

Crossing the stepping stones, and king of the hill:-)
And of course what adventure is complete without a snack.

The mill from the trail we toured the buildings as well, and had a wonderful time, there where costumed reenactors and guides to talk to.
And the view from a bridge:-)

walking the trails, and exploring under the roots of fallen trees. and a funny family photo, it is always hard to get all of us in pictures, but Doug found a way:-)

the flora and fauna, Adam loved these fungus formations on the trees.

This turned into the perfect family day out, everyone enjoyed exploring and laughing together.Where will our hiking shoes take us next:-)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Go-Cart Fun

Adam and Grace heading out on the go-cart for a fun afternoon of riding and laughing. Grace is a really good driver, though we did have to gear it back cause she was a bit to fat:-)

Daisy and Madeline waiting for a ride- Daisy loves this so much she jumped right on in.

our neighbor giving Adam a lift and racing the girls.

what a fun way to spend the first nice day of spring.

flood in a jar

in our new testament studies we where at the story of Noah and how fossils and layers of sediment can be explained. Fossils are created when animals/plants are buried quickly in mud- as in the flood of Noah-. So we made a smaller version in a jar, we began by adding dirt, sand ,rocks, bark ,leaves etc.. in to the jar

adding in the water and a few extra leaves rocks, and whatever else we found. Then put the lid on and shake it hard like a hard rain would stir it all up.

all our matrials in the jar, watching it settle- Shawn could not take his eyes off of this, and gave it another shake.

settling after about 30 minutes, you cans see defined layers beginning.

we let it sit for a week and the water became very clear as everything settled, and we saw how some leaves got trapped in between layers of sediment much like animals and plants did during Noah's flood to create fossils.

March in like Lion

for the beginning of March we made lion puppets, as March came in with a roar:-)

We are looking forward to it becoming lamb like very soon:-)

Adam's soccer Game fun

This winter Adam played indoor soccer with his coach and team, from fall outdoor. He enjoyed it and liked being goalie the best.

warming up and getting in position for the game to begin.

in the thick of the game.

taking his turn out
- actually this game he spent some extra time on the bench for not listening,;-)

indoor soccer ended last week now we are waiting for baseball to begin.