Monday, August 25, 2008

kids, back to school , other thoughts and ramblings

today is the first day of school for the public school students int he area, which means during the day the neighborhood will be nice and quiet-YAY!I tell you what I donot miss the running all over for clothes and supplies and stuff I see these other parents doing. We get supplies and some times new shoes,but,not in the hectic frenzy of other families, we see. We don;thave a certain crayon we have to buy, or only the 8 pack of markers we get what we like and whats on sale usually.Though I do like the sales on glue, pencils and notebooks each year we stock up on those things. WE have also been getting surprise blessings of supplies, my mom works at an area private school and gets there toss outs sometimes. Friday she brought us 6 cases of large chart paper tablets, which where just getting thrown out. I shared them with Melinda and I will see if some of the other homeschoolers would like some of them. It seems so wasteful to just throw that out. And she also brought a huge box of apples they where just going ot throw out, cause they where the left overs from snack, my kids will eat them and it seems so wasteful to throw out good food when so many in the world are hungry.We are off to Adam's preschool group this morning at Chapel Hill Nursery and Farms- theres a petting farm in back which is a favorite of our families. Then we will come home to do math and reading. A nice relaxing fun school day. Tomorrow I was thinking of taking them to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda. at the $2.50 movies, it should be pretty quiet with most kids back in school..I Love this time of year:-)

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