Friday, August 15, 2008

animal rescue and new friends

in the past week or two several new families have joined our home school group and they are all into doing animal rescue which is right up Madeline;s alley:-)One does American Bulldogs, one does Cocker Spaniels, another does guinea pigs- which made me smile- . We are very excited to meet some of these folks, we are animal people too- tough Doug isn't so much-and it will be interesting to talk to others involved in saving gods most innocents the ones who cannot talk for themselves. I just printed off the form for Madeline to volunteer at the Harford County Animal Shelter. I will go with her it is only 2 hours a month for 6 months,but I have a feeling we will be there more often then that. They have two guinea pigs that need homes something tells me they will be living with us very soon;-)

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