Thursday, August 14, 2008

tea party-not so pleasent

the kids had a tea party with some of their friends today-Kristen,TJ and Victoria- it went well, we had PBJ"S ,cantaloupe, and tea cookies, and iced green tea. My kids do tea often with me on Sunday afternoons after church, so it is something special for us, even Adam has his own teacup and he knows his tea manners:-)It was a bit hard with friends who don;t have the manners to sit through tea, and who climb on the tables and make comments about the food. -Kristen was wonderful and a good sport,btw-. I know one of the kids has special needs,but, I often wonder why is it ok for him to behave badly and no one tells him how we should behave, after all as a grown man he won;t be able to crawl across a table at dinner and folks be ok with it. And is it fair if his sister always has to give up whatever she has - a teacup a doll or whatever- she then behaves in a most unpleasant way for attention and the cycle continues. I like the parents -Doug and I grew up with the mum- but it is just irking me to no end. Madeline has some special needs as well but we have always expected her to behave well, no matter what, screaming fits, and throwing food are never ok, it is ok to be upset but there are appropriate ways to handle it.

Its funny the mom often makes side comments on our hsing the kids, and how we are missing out on stuff. Not sure what, my kids have manners, can speak and hold a conversation. Will eat whatever is put in front of them or politely push it to the side of their plates and say thank you. They do not run all over the house during a meal or climb on the tables, they don;t take other folks cups,plates, food etc.. and if they do they are corrected. They sit quietly for prayers and pay reverence to the lord who provides for us. So not sure what we have missed by being here. Certainly not manners.
I apologize for sounding harsh this is just at every thing we do together and I do smile and try to be supportive, and then I come home and vent. We have had issues with the dad getting in Adam's face and yelling at him, which is driving me crazy. We have told the mom that is not something we will tolerate. so we shall see what happens from here.

Off to VBS with our hula hoops:-)

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