Wednesday, August 20, 2008

morning peace

AHH! It is a quiet morning so far:-)It is the time to reflect on the day and pray to the lord for strength for another day and thank him I am here to see another one, theres no guaranties in life. So each day is a new gift.I just pray for guidance in the coming school year the eyes to see each childs gifts and talents and help them discover who they are and who God wants them to be.  and provisions for us this winter we really need it. Adam and Shaw are up in their room playing with trucks and giggling-I can hear them-.The girls are still sleeping. It is a nice crisp m orning the cool late summer air is blowing in the house and feels so fall like. We've had a very mild August ,which is a blessing on our electric bill. Cause Lord knows that's high enough. And we still don;t know how we are going to heat the house this year. Things are very tight, too tight, sometimes.Doug works round the clock and I have cut back as much as I can. It just seems things get tighter by the week. Something has to give. Of course if people who owe us money would pay us back we'd be good. and one of those is Doug's own brother who borrowed a lot of money promised to pay and we've not seen him since. Funny,huh?Pretty sad he can't even send us a little bit and make some sort of effort. We have 7 mouths to feed here- Bandit likes to eat too- and he has himself. I just Thank God everyday for my mom and stepdad and my dad and stepmom, who are helping as much as they can, they feed us and give the kids birthdays and fall clothes or whatever they need. WE could not do it without them. We will be doing our math and phonics today and reading lessons. I think we may get out some paints today-Adam loves to paint- and maybe do that. I was thinking of going for a brief hike int he fields and gathering interesting leaves and such and doing some rubbings today,-And Grace can find all the bugs she wants-.

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