Tuesday, August 5, 2008

catching up with an old friend

I met up with an old friend-Kellie- today at Mariner Point park in Joppa to do her homeschool review. She is the cousin of the girls I grew up with-Theresa-. It was nice to talk and watch the kids play in a "secret" fort under some trees:-) After we did the review, we walked the path around the park, and as always stopped to watch the trains go over the bridge. And we feed peanuts to the sguirrels.

I am feeling a tad under the weather- a female thing- and it was sorta nice to chat about being kids again. And talk about all the pluses of having the kids home with us everyday. Sometimes only another homeschool momma can actually'get' what we do day in and day out. When people ask'how can you stand to be with your kids all day?"I ask" how can you not ..." I know how fast they grow up and then they are gone. and I am privelelged to be here with them , and to be able to actually know them, as the individuals they are. Really I don;t think there are any negatives to homeschooling, the kids get to develope into interesting people, with intrest, and they gain knowledge of the real world.
They interact with all kinds of people , all ages, cultures, backrounds, etcc and they just see people. They ca have conversations about issues without being censored, we can discuss god,politics, things like that and be open and honest with each other.
We spend time together and truly know each other, we pray together, we eat together, sleep together ,play together. and learn to get along . After all how can we get along int he world if we can;t get along at home.

I am very proud of the children and they always amaze me with the things they do.Shawn is a cuddle bug,Adam is my buddy,Grace is my free-spirit,And Madeline is my kind and gentle girl.

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