Sunday, November 30, 2008

a Football day

it has been a cold rainy November afternoon,which made for a great day watching football and curling up with the kids and the cat. The Ravens did fabulous and ruled the day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


the firemen who saved our house.

The sunshine that is out this morning

the macy's parade

our health

our lovely children no matter how silly and crazy they may be

living in a country with the greatest freedoms in the world.

family who is dear to us.

strong morals and values

laughing at ourselves

choclate chip cookies fresh from the oven

puppies and kittens

the changing seasons each with a wonderous beauty only god could create

classic old holiday movies

Snoopy and Charlie Brown:-)

a hot cup of tea with friends

a good book by the fireplace

learning new things with the kids and on my own.

peace from the living god

pillow fights

leftover turkey and stuffing -YUM!

our countries rich heritage and history and the gift to teach it to our children and to be able to take them toplaces so they can see it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

things to be thankful for

as I sit here on thanksgiving eve, I am thinking of all the things to be thakful for this year.

1. the love of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, who gave us all eternal life in his salvaton and grace.

2. all our children, as silly and crazy as they are:-)

3. the friends and neighbors and policemen who helped us find Adam the night he was missing.

4. our church- nothing more to say there-.

5. our country and the soliders everywhere who fight or have fought so we can be free.

6. our new family member -Ms Ruby-:-)

7. cheering on our favorite football team- The Ravens-.

8. for providing for us in times of need.

9. for our homeshcool community, who remind us we are not alone and our kids will turn out fine.

I know theres many more but for now I leave it there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grace's 8th birthday is today

Our Grace is 8 today, well offically about a hour ago:-) She is quite the indepepndent , strongwilled young lady in our family. She is a blessing to all who know her she has compassion for all living things. So Happy Birthday dear one.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grace's 8th birthday party pictures

Grace's 8th birthday party

was last night at Kids First Swim. it went very well she had lots of friends and family to share her night with her, and she loves the pool, this one is very warm and soothing so its a good place to go to have a fall party and still have a lot of summer type fun:-).

Pop and Grandma came over afterwards and met Ms.Ruby, who is becoming a huge pat of the family she is not shy and hiding anymore, she is all over the place and is quite at home now, and at midnight quite playful, so she is a bit of a night owl:-) Hope this leads to night time mouse hunting as we have one somewhere in the kitchen and I can;t stand it.

We also watched Grace open her gifts she got some nice things a couple of dolls and pet shop stuff, and some neat animal type things- sea monkeys and a frog habitat. So it should be a fun living classroom this winter:-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tea today and first snow flurries

we had a tea time this afternoon, with homemade vanilla scones and whipped creme-homemade as well- Madeline had green tea, me my decaf, and Grace and Adam had hot coco, Shawn had juice. Adam helped me whip the creme for the scones he turned on the mixer for me:-) And he and Grace helped lick the beater:-) I love doing tea with them, and love baking with them

We also had our first snow flurries, this afternoon, which made for a blustery day, so it was a good day for some cozy tea and baking - which we have been doing alot lately-. The kids did go out tonight and run around like crazy in the flurries ,I am sure the neighbors think we are crazy,but sometimes the advantage to being home schooled is you can play outside in the evening and not worry about homework or getting up too early the next day:-)We spent the rest of the night reading various books, the kids brought to me, everyone listened- even daddy and Madeline-. WE have the fire going with a pot simmering with cinnamon and cloves so it is a very cozy snugly fall feeling night/day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday ramblings

It is a chilly brisk fall day today. WE are watching the Ravens lose to the Giants- unfortunately-. The kids are loving all over Ruby, and playing some board games. I am roasting a prk tenderloin with garic and roesemay and thyme, and it is smelling amazing int he house. The fireplace is giving off a cozy warmth, it is a nice snuggely day.I am going to bake some scones and hot coco after dinner tonight .

Madeline just got back from a church outing to deliver food,blankets, and coats to the homeless in the city, she is quiet says she feels good about helping those people. But she seems to be in deep thought about the people she saw, maybe its the fact they are so thakful for a cup of bean soup and a scarf, and thats all they have, when we have so much. It does make you thnk about folks with mcuh bigger problems then yours. I pray this is someth8ing she does through the winter this year and the lord uses it to reach in her heart and soul and fill her with his love ,compassion, and grace for those around her. She is a good apple:-) And she is becoming quite the young women, I know she will do amazing things in her life. I kow how blessed we are to know here and be able to see her go out and become her:-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

our newest family member

is Ruby, a beautiful brown striped tabby kitten , we adopted her today from Defenders of Animal Rights, she seeems to be setteling in nicely. she is cureld in bed iwth the gilrs now, i believe she will be a very spoiled kitty. Hopefully her and Bandit will come to like each other a bit.They are doing ok, still hissing and barking at each other, but I think by next week they will get used to one another. Yes our lives have become much happier and fuller and exciting, thats for sure. My hope is Ruby is a mouser in the making so we can keep the varmits out of here.