Friday, August 15, 2008

the best laid plans

what do they say about them:-) We are doing a unit on the Olympics-cause its relevant now- and Madeline has expressed an intrest in the ancient Greeks, which wasn;t in my school plan for this year,but...Seeing how it is the birthplace of the Olympics it is a good tie in,. We will take the rest of the summer into September to do the Greeks. Then in October we can begin Elections/Government/Presidents, until the holidays. Needles to say this is a bit of an unplanned expense,but the things we need are on Rainbow Resources website and I added them to my wish list. Actually this could work really well, we are going to be doing some things with word roots-Classical Word Roots- for our vocabulary and most of our words are from Latin and Greek beginnings so it will be a good tie in to that as well. It is fun sometimes to let the children direct where our learning will go. We did get much from the Greeks there culture was much more advanced then people realize. So this can be fun and if we do a study of Galileo and Socrates we have science as well.

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