Sunday, August 10, 2008

sleepovers and marshmellows

we had a great evening last night, Doug and I roasted marshmallows with the younger kids-Adam,Grace and Shawn-, it was fun hanging by the fire and laughing with them, It was cool enough for the fire to feel really good, it was like a fall evening, nice and crisp. There was a half moon in the night sky smiling on us.Very nice and relaxing.

Madeline spent the night next door with Kristen, her bff, they baked cookies for a tea party we are having on Wednesday. It was a nice time for them to spend together just laughing and being young girls. What a great age, old enough for that kind of fun, but still young enough to giggle and make yourself scared about silly ghost stories.

So it was a great weekend for all of us:-)

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