Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today I will

1. do a ton of laundry
2. weed out the gardens so I can bring my herb seedlings out this weekend, and free up my kitchen counters
3. tell my kids I love them.
4. not get too mad when they come back from the frog pond in head to toe mud.
5. go to Grace's softball game
6. give hubby a kiss just because
7. read my KOnos volume and plan out next weeks lessons.
8. feed the ducks and geese in the river
9. sit on the pier after the kids go to bed with hubby and chat about the day.
10. continue to fight my seasonal allergies

What are you doing today:-)


Beverly said...

hope you get it all done! Allergies seem to be so bad this year.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I like that list! May put one of my own together!! Enjoy your weekend!

BECKY said...

Hey Gal!! Sounds like you were busy!!

On Thursdays, we have a girls Keepers at Home club meeting at our house... so that's what I did!! We are learning etiquette, and they're going to hostess a luncheon for their Moms for Mother's Day!! They're having a blast!!

Blessings to you, sweetie!! Hope all is well!!

BECKY said...

ood morning!! You can find out more about them at

It is a program a woman started for her own daughter, and then it just blossomed into kind of like a Christian scouting program, except the emphasis is on becoming Keepers of their Homes, and strong Biblical principles.

We decided to start our own club , and have a group of 8 girls attending. We had 10, but 2 moved.

Check it out and if you have any other questions I'll try and help!

Have a great weekend,

Madeline said...

That is quite a to do list, but many of those things sound like fun! Hope you get it all done. Oh, and the're a good parent to let your kids play in it. So many parents hate for their kids to get dirty, but it's certainly one of the best parts of childhood.