Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adams Baseball parade

Saturday was opening day for MIddle River Rec Councils Baseball Season, which was opened with a parade through the neighborhoods to the middle school ball fields and each team played thier first game of the season- it was a very long day- it was nice and warm and Adam was so excited. It is his first year he is in tee-ball and is on the A'S . We began the day in a fresh clean new uniform, looking pretty good- this was not to last very long:-)

a few random team shots of the kids waitng for the parade to start- notice how the new pants are no longer clean thanks to rolling down the hill-, so much for making it to the beginning of the first game clean:-)

marching in the parade, the team behind us was The Pirates- in yellow- the Iron Bird from the local minor league team was on hand to hand out gum to the kids.

the parade ended at Middle River Middle School with the pledge , and the offical opening of baseball little leauge season.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice pictures!

Beverly said...

Oh how cute to have them march! I am sure he is happy to be playing ball!