Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What we are up to

it seems like awhile since I last blogged. We have been busy, with softball, opening day was Saturday and both girls played games we where there from 10am-4pm what a long , fun,hot day, I am so red it isn't even funny. But we came home and got Chinese take out and had a great day with the kids. They all slept like rocks. Which is nice for daddy and I when we can sit outside and have a conversation.

And it is HOT here unusual for April here in Maryland, it has been in the 90's, we actually had the kids jumping in the river on Sunday, and playing on our raft. We had a friend of the girls come over after church and hang out with them she is a bit of a 'city' girl , not used to getting dirty or handling frogs, bugs, worms- all the stuff my kids don;t even blink an eye at-. I think she had fun after she got past the icky factor.

We have also been doing school, and trying to get all the bookie stuff done , - its not our favorite thing to do but it has to be done-, the girls are reading very well, Madeline has been doing well. She has learning issues and it takes her a long time to get things, we are reviewing math this year from the beginning, so we can touch on all the facts again before we begin pre algebra next January, at least that's our goal. But again we try to do it at her pace, I want her to understand the concepts, so she can have an understanding of why ?
Grace she is like a little Einstein reads most anything is doing multiplication- she is 8- and writing cursive- at her own initiative- ,she amazes me. I am finding I have to do very little sitting and explaining to her, she just gets it.
Adam is working on those ABC'S and writing his name and going to speech, he is doing well.
Shawn is a 2 year old in to everything and growing like a weed, he can get into anything and no child proofing seems to stop him


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sorry you are so red from sitting in the sun! Next time, bring an umbrella! My kids make fun of me, but I'm known for sitting out at the lake or a field holding my rain umbrella, but it works! Sounds like your little one is very bright!!! Enjoy your day!

dongdong said...

wow, I didn't even realize you have 4 kids. I really like reading what people are doing (teaching wise) with their kids. I enjoyed reading this one and getting to know your family a little better. :)

Beverly said...

your weekend sounds like it was fun! All the kids are doing so well!

pam said...

Glad you are enjoying some wonderful spring weather. The kids sound like they are doing great!!

Molly said...

You have such cute kids. I wish I had a larger family, maybe someday. What a joy to teach them @ HOME. I am so glad we have made that decision too.

Madeline said...

Shawn sounds a bit like Levi! Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered childproofing.
Thanks for the spider info. Hopefully they'll all make their way outside. They were so tiny, I doubt I would know if they were still around. Thankfully I haven't seen any.