Thursday, April 9, 2009

making pretzels

we are going to make pretzels this afternoon and I was searching for the story of how the first ones where made by a monk for the children during worship service and the symbols behind the criss-cross- praying hands- and the three holes- the trinity-. And how they where eaten at Lent - no eggs-.Anyhow I did find this little blurb with a recipe on it to, I thought I would share, we actually are using Pillsbury bread stick dough today, its basically following the package instructions for baking you just roll them out and shape into a pretzel.we are also making some out of sculpty clay to put on the Easter tree.

click on the image and it will be big enough to read and print out if you would like.


dongdong said...

oh, do let me know how it turned out.

We LOVE auntie Anne's pretzels. Not sure what is the secret. Maybe I should apply for a job there just to know what the tricks is. Last time I made a pretzel from a recipe from a magazine, and it didn't work out.

Hope yours is yummy. What a great activity.

Beverly said...

yes, let us know how they turn out. Noah and I also love Antie Annes pretzels: )and he is now asking for one everytime we pull in the Target parking lot: )

Lori said...

Awesome, I love it and we love pretzels! We will give this a try. I had heard the story too but I had not thought of actually making them and then telling it. Maybe that's because before now I didn't know how. Thanks for sharing it!

aswewalk said...

Oh, fun! We're going to make them today in lieu of hot cross buns.