Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where did Spring Go - ball practice begins

BRRRRR!!!! Its 43 degrees tonight and parts of Maryland will be getting flurries tonight. Actually for us this is not to unusual, I remember many an Easter egg hunt in the snow. Still it was very chilly on the baseball field tonight, I had to take Adam for practice and all the little boys where chilly, they had on coats and all but when they are doing batting practice holding the metal bats fingers got chilly. I had to laugh when Adam came over to me and said his eyes where cold:-)

Doug had Grace at another field for her softball practice and he was sweet to warm up the car for her and get hot coco on the way home for her and Adam.

Adam has his first scrimmage game on Thursday, and Madeline's team practices tomorrow night- she stayed home with Shawn tonight, so he did not have to be in a chilly field-. I tell you during ball season we are on a field five nights a week:-) Well I told Doug its a fun time for the kids and it gets them out and having fun, and we all get to hang out in a low key, low cost way. With the economy as it is and his job in question we can;t do much, so this is something we can do every night ad have fun with them.And they love us being there, we rotate who goes to whose practices so we get to see each of them play. They LOVE when its daddy who is on the field with them, they love me too,but they see me all day not so much dad so its a treat, and he takes them for a snack afterwards so its a date too.

Oh well here's hopping we get into the 50's at least tomorrow night:-)

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Beverly said...

baseball is great! That is too cold to be out playing ball: )