Monday, April 6, 2009

favorite Easter candy

I Have to admit one of my favorite pleasures of Easter is the candy, I know usually I am the mom who brings fruit to practice for snacks and hardly ever allows junkie foods,but, theres something about Easter treats, that just makes them all special.

Of course peeps, and marshmellow bunnies, are classic whats Easter wihtout them- I like when they get a bit hard or even better when you freeze them.

Chocolate bunnies are a classic, especially the ears:-)

Robins eggs are really good I love malted balls and these are basically them in a pretty color.Yummy.

Jelly Beans are okay, though not my favorite, but hey that's okay.

peanut butter Easter eggs,, are a very favorite,

Whats your favorite Easter candy, the one you slip pieces of out of the kids baskets.


Beverly said...

I would say anything chocolate is my Favorite: )

dongdong said...

I personally love Lindt chocolate but I love hershey's special dark too. Like Beverly, I think anything chocolate is yum!

Anne Marie said...

dark chocolate all the way baby!