Monday, April 6, 2009

My litte Helper

I spent most of today in this horizontal position with a migraine sinus headache and just feeling horrible. I did manage to get everyone done with math and bible lessons and a spelling test, then I was done. I think I ingested half a bottle of Tylenol.

Anyhow, my wonderful daughter Madeline - who is 13 and at times very hormonal- was a real trooper. She made lunch for all the kids today- pbj's and popcorn she washed all the dishes and she really surprised me by taking a sponge and washing the kitchen floor, I was surprised it looks better then it has in a while.She is such a true dear heat no matter how moody she is she always helps when needed. Then after lunch while Shawn took his nap she took Adam and Grace upstairs in my room and watched Ratittoue, she even made them a snack. then I was able to actually take a nice nap and try to be able to function again.

God Bless her she is an amazing kid.


Madeline said...

Migraines are such torture. I hope you're all better. What a sweet daughter to help you so much.

dongdong said...

aww. I hope you feel better fast! I also get migraines frequently, well not as frequent as before.

For me, wood betony(brewed as tea) helped to cut down the frequency.

What a sweetheart Madeline is! You trained her well. :)

Beverly said...

Hope you feel better soon! I think we are going on two weeks of this and still not fully well. Lucky to have such a great helper!