Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

this is a day of prayer ad bible reading and a bit of sadness for us as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. WE will read the gospels today, only one we have read them the last two weeks in bits and pieces.

It is interesting since I have really been trying to focus on what the Easter season is really about-Jesus- and not on other things. We have not even brought up the Easter Bunny, and no one here has asked either. I have been pleasantly surprised, the kids are not so interested in themselves and what they will get they are talking about Jesus and praying more meaningfully, so special to see them mature a bit in their faith walk. As I am maturing in mine as well. Such a blessing to grow together , I pray they continue to grow and never lose the faith in the Lord. I pray we can continue to turn more to Jesus and less to the world for our hope and needs. I know the Father is working on me this year and I cannot wait to see where he leads me/us.

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