Saturday, April 4, 2009

what I have been reading lately

we are reading this as part of our Easter Studies this week, it is about a young boy who encounters Jesus. We are of course reading the bible everyday.

we are into eating vegeterian at least twice a week and I have dusted off this book from my cookbook collection and am researching some new ideas to spice up our meals,.

we just finished this for Madelines book group, I always read the book to so we can discuss it and I have an idea what she is reading. This is a very thought provoking book, I was moved by it, and there where some interesting discussions

I am doing this with Grace I did it with Madeline a few years ago- she is joining us on this now , and they seem to be enjoying it

we do a lot of birdwatching and butterfly catching here so we are always looking for new ideas to attract them.

What is everyone else reading.


Madeline said...

I love reading. Levi seems to be quite taken with it too. Well, being read to at least. We're pretty into Dr. Seuss right now. My current reads are A Case For Christmas, Square Foot Gardening, and the Bible, of course. As far as vegetarian meals, have you tried We go meatless for almost all of our meals, and I get lots of inspiration there.

dongdong said...

That attracting birds, etc book look so good! We haven't seen many variety birds where we live but do see quite a few robins and mykids are finally saying, oh, I see a robin! He's got an orange belly. ;)

Cindy DG said...

You'll have to let me know if that vegetarian planet book is a good one,Cindy
Thanks for being a follower!
Http:// I may need to purchase!

Molly said...

Great book list! I love the Moosewood Cookbook myself. Oldie but Goodie.