Friday, April 17, 2009

great is my thankfulness:-)

with a crazy week behind us, it is time to think of those thinks we are thankful for and make our life so great.
1. this week I am so happy the girls are home they came home last night, tired and happy, with lots of stories to tell and pictures to show of the fun trip to NYC with my mom and

2. and what a blessing they are, my kids love them and they would do anything for them . and my mom and step dad do anything for the kids as well, they take them everywhere, always send them special treats, and plan fun things to do with them.

3, I am thankful for hubby still not layed off yet, his job is really having a tough time- as many are- contracts have dwindled as hospitals are delaying work, as folks are delaying getting procedures done. we have taken a cut in his monthly bonus check, and health insurance though. So that hurts too.But at least he still has a job and he has been approached with offers from other companies, so its nice to know theres other offers out there. He has often said he feels theres something else God has in mind for him and this may be the Lord leading him to that place .

4. today I am thankful for a nice warm springy day, and also thankful for the rainy week we really needed here, we where in moderate drought conditions- not so much now-It will be nice to hang out my towels and blanket on the line outside, I love line dried clothes, and it save on the electric bill a bit.

5. I was watching the news this week, with the tax protest on Wednesday, and I thought how thankful we should be that we live in a country where we can protest and not worry someone will come harm our family or gun us down in the street for disagreeing with our government, this is not so in much of the world .

6 I am so glad to have kids who will bring in a box of crickets to raise in the closet- I had no idea of this,btw-. or try to hatch an abandoned nest of duck eggs- these are across the street not in the house. They want to do the right thing and it is a gift and blessing, and I have to remember that with each discovery I make:-)

6, an of course I am so thankful for Jesus my Lord and Savior who is watching over us, and guiding us.


Madeline said...

What a wonderful list of gratitude! Your kids sound like me and my sister. We used to bring home all manner of critters to raise--duck eggs included. Although, my mom didn't know about those until they started to stink up the house!

dongdong said...

that is wonderful posts! Indeed we have so many things to be grateful for.

I'm glad your girls are back... I was wondering how they were. :)

Leanne said...

Wonderful thins to be grateful for...certainly!!