Saturday, March 21, 2009

spring cleaning begins

not my favorite part of spring but it is nice to clean out and get rid of things laying around and freshen up musty blankets, and curtains and give the windows a good washing, and get under the couches- ucky-.

Today we are decluttering my laundry room the scariest room in the house, it is where everything gets dumped and stays there. But it is nice to see the floor again, its amazing how roomy things can be once all the junk is removed. I have found many candy crusted socks, and dried diapers- I quess they get thrown in when dad and sister change the baby and don;t take the diaper out of his pants. geesh .

Tommorow I am cleaning out my car another scary dumping ground, everything is in there for all the kdis stuff we go to- skating, dance, soccer, pottery, changes of clothes, stroller, snacks etc etc, and toys and who knows what else.

So if no one hears form for a few days I'm either under my laundry pile or something fell on my head from the cruddy cabinets I am cleaning next.


Beverly said...

I have a list of stuff to do a mile long but have not started it yet! Good for you for getting at the clutter!

MommyK said...

I can't wait to get started on spring cleaning. I think next Sunday I might send my H to his parents house with the kids for the entire day and I'll stay home and clean from top to bottom. It's kind of scary how much I'm looking forward to it.