Tuesday, March 10, 2009

frog hop

we went on a frog hike on sunday at Marshy Point the local nature preserve, we went to learn about and then look for frogs it was a fun day the kids got wet, and muddy and came home tired, I call that a good day. as you can see by Grace and Adam when they got home.

the path we hiked out on and some of the marsh we hiked through to get to the pond.

Naturalist and friend Missy, she is so sweet and answered all of the kids questions we go to Marshy Point a lot and the naturlists now know us by name. Madeline loves to talk too them and ask lots of questions, they are nice bunch of folks to kow.

dipping for tadpoles, we heard alot of frogs chirping around us,but they where hard to find, peepers are the size of your finger nail and as soon as we got close they got quiet.

Shawn tired and chillaxion with Mommy

we found this turtle- everyone thought he was dead- but he is asleep in his winter hibernation-wish I coudl sleep that well. Very funny and cute

a wood frog tadpole


Beverly said...

oh, this looks like so much fun! Noah would love to do this!

Lisa said...

what a perfect day. I love the turtle and tadpole pics, you're little guy is awfully cute too.