Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy birthday Max and Ginger

the guinea pigs are one year old today, so happy birthday to you:-) Thy just had their vet check up and they are in excellent health, thank goodness. -We lost two of our piggies this year Hershey had a heart attack on the vets table when she went for a check up, and poor Knic Knack had pneumonia and never really recovered. They are missed .-, So it is a relief these two are so healthy and happy.


Bar-b said...

I used to have guinea pigs when I was little and I always thought they were THE CUTEST things when being born. So cute and full of hair (not like rabbits or mice that were terrible looking). We had 12 at one time. I guess it isn't just rabbits who have that predicament.

Happy Birthday Max and Ginger!

Beverly said...

Cute! Happy Birthday

pam said...

Happy Birthday to your little pets:)