Friday, March 6, 2009

I love Chic Fila'

we went Wednesday night for dinner which is in itself a real treat, we hardly ever eat out and i hardly ever take them in to the play area its usually the drive through and then home.

Anyhow they had a great time, and honestly so did I the fact the place is a faith based company makes me support them before any other fast food chain, the music in the restaurant is distinctively christian- Twila Paris while we where there- . So I don;t have to cringe at whats playing or divert there attention.The staff are actually nice-not pretending to be- and they close on Sunday and honor the Sabbath of our Lord- not many places still do that-.

And i love the prizes in the kids meals we got a word bingo game, which we then played all afternoon yesterday. The prizes are mostly educational- books, games etc.- and something I don;t mind them using and I almost never throw these out.


sandy said...

I have not been to Chick-fil-A in years. They just don't have any around where we live:0(

Beverly said...

Noah loves Chick fil A. I love the toys too.