Friday, March 27, 2009

favorite things friday

I decided since this has been a week of much thought provoking events. Today I would be a little lighter and think of some of my favorite things about the week. and focus on them to keep my self motivated to keep on going:-)

1. a smiling baby in the -very- wee hours who loves me no matter what and is so happy to see me.

2. My kids laughing and playing together yesterday they made a maze with all our pillows and cushions and had all kinds of rooms, and things inside, very cool.

3. My mom sending a wonderful basket of goodies for us, to decorate for Easter with and also with every ones favorite snacks, what a nice treat.

4.Adams very sweet speech teacher- who I think he has a crush on-who really takes the time to listen to him.

5. rainbows after the rain, how pretty.

6. buds on all the trees ready to burst forth the flowers inside.

7. getting outside to a park to play with good friends and burn off energy.

8. baking chocolate chip cookies wiht the kids- always a fun time.

9. reading stories together-even my teen will listen with us-.

10. playing sight word bingo until everyone has won, and how they all help each other find words on the cards. and how they all get excited for each other.

11. transplanting my shamrocks this year I am determined not to kill them:-)

12. going to our churches praise service and somehow hearing what I need to hear, and how they always choose just the right song.

13. my hubby calling just to tell me I am his best friend, that was on a very trying day and I needed it really bad.


Beverly said...

such wonderful things!

Toni said...

I try to stay positive sometimes I just have to remind myself theres always something to be happy about

Lisa said...

Oh, how very sweet of your hubby! I love that one! A basket of goodies from your mom, that would have been so much fun to get in the post. Isn't family the best?!

Molly said...

What a sweet hubby, we all need to be encouraged @ times, what a fun way to remind yourself of the special things that went on in your week. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I am glad you found me too. I enjoy your posts. I will add you to my list. I love meeting other christian mommas.

t.t. millers said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you again soon! ~Tami