Tuesday, March 17, 2009

cupcake baking for St.Rita's

this past Sunday we baked a lot of cupcakes for the soup kitchen on Monday, we had alot of fun working together and it was an icky rainy day so it was a good way to spend it.

the ingredients all ready to go

getting the muffin pans ready for the batter -everyone had a job to do.-

adding ingredients and mixing it up

in to the cupcake liners and into the oven

icing is fun, an hides any flaws, we dyed ours green for spring and St.Patricks Day

showing off our first dozen of finished cupcakes- there where 6 dozen all together


Beverly said...

What great team work! You all do so many good things!

Lisa said...

Such a gorgeous bunch of kids! :)

dongdong said...

oh, that is sweet. I really like that picture.

Toni said...

thanks everyone they try very hard to work together-n ot always an easy thing to learn.