Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lowes grow and Build

The Lowes Hardware/home improvement stores offer bi-weekly building classes for kids. they are the 2ND and 4Th Saturday of each month at 10am,they are free ,btw, which is perfect for me, cause with four to register even cheap gets pricey.

This Month on the 28Th they are making rain gauges. We have done many projects and they are really nice, the kids get an apron safety goggles and a patch to sew on their jackets or backpack or where ever oh and a piece of sandpaper too.

The site says ages 1st-5th grade but I have taken my 2year old and 13 year old along with me, and they get to make a project too, and the staff are so good with the kids. My 4 year old loves it he likes to build- like daddy and here he can safely use tools and create a project- and as a homeschooler this is our wood shop class:-)-.

Anyhow if you have never been check out your local Lowes and go, it is a lot of fun.


pam said...

We have done a couple of kids classes at the Hope Depot. I am sure they are the same thing. They are pretty fun for the kids!

Lori said...

That sounds like lots of fun, if only we had a Lowe's nearby.