Thursday, March 26, 2009

great is thy faithfulness

this is another favorite hymn and we sung it at praise service last night and I can;t get it out of my head, so as I hum it all day I had to print it here.

Today's lesson was in the book of Titus and it speaks about faithfulness, it always amazes me how what we discuss comes up at church or vise-verse. I truly believe the Lord leads us to what we need to know at the time we need IT latley have been struggling with things not so much my faith I know he is with me in all things good and bad, but my struggle is in getting on the path he would want me on. I have been questioning my walk alot lately, if its what I should be doing , and I am feeling a hand gently lead me to where he needs me to be.And he needs me to be here home raising these precious kids he has given me the honor of raising and knowing- they are a gift all children are- . i have also questioned homeschooling at times and whenever I do he opens my eyes to what it would be like if we didn't and I don't like that picture at all. I know this is my calling and he will lead us on the journey, he will help us teach the children what they need to know to do the jobs he has planned for them. I am top prepare my daughters to be strong women who can raise and care for a family someday, who can care for those in need, who can be the virtuous women in Psalms 31. My sons need to be ready to provide for a family, to protect, and serve. To be the spiritual leaders they are called to be. It is a big job we are called to do, but I have the best teacher of all teaching me along the way.I just have to keep my faithfulness.

So for everynose I wipe, every dirty diaper I change each lullaby I sing, every loaf of bread I bake or shirt I patch and mend, I am doing the work of the father. I am making a home for my family, and by doing so I am doing just what I should be. The world is in total turmoil and the kidss need to be ready to fight the fight for the Lord, be his witneses. And walk in faithfulness too.

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