Sunday, September 27, 2009

wild grapes

This is the wild grape vine that grows in our yard over our play fort. It is huge- the vine is thicker then my arm-. Well this year it produced a bounty of grapes, for us to pick and taste. It has been alot of fun . And provided a fun learning adventure as we took some and made some fresh grape juice.

a plate of fresh picked grapes, they are a bit sour compared to the cultivated ones but they are interesting and fun. its funny how willy-nilly the clusters are compared to cultivated bunches.

Mashing the grapes wrapped in some cloth and squeezing the juice into a ziploc bag, we did get enough for everyone to try a sip. And grape juice is also a great dye , maybe mix in cold cream for face paint?

The wild grape juice was very earthy tasting, and a bit sour. the kids got a kick out of mashing them and trying it. Madeline set a few grapes in the sun to see if they will become raisins. We also think this would make good ink to to write with.Perhaps we will try that this week.


Madeline said...

Very cool! Wish we had some wild grapes around here. I think Levi would love them. said...

wow!! very neat and lovely photos!! i love how the tree hangs down over the play set. its just rich!!

Beverly said...

yum! how cool for the kids!