Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Serenity Prayer

this is one of my favorite prayers and thoughts. So often we want to change everything, and we cannot. WE need to accept and let Jesus have control. And that means once we let him have control we have to stop fretting over the problem, and going back over it. We just have let it go.We as humans tend to be impatient and not want to wait for God to decide when things will happen we want to 'help'. And often we just prolong the issue longer then it need be.

So today I pray to know what I cannot control an to truly let Jesus have it. To free myself form worry and quilt. To find peace in the Lord who is in control .


Beverly said...

this is great! thanks for posting! I think this too when I start to worry about things and then I let go and let GOD take care of it all.

outdoor.mom said...

that is very encouraging :-) I leaned on that prayer in my earlier years quite a bit!