Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shawn and his trains

Shawn has discovered the fun of the Thomas trains:-) We have quite a few from all the other kids so he has plenty to choose from.They just recently really got his attention,perhaps it was the trip to Straushburgh and all the big trains, and the huge Thomas displays everywhere. I have been reading him- and the others too- the Thomas books- which where written by a minister- as he plays and he likes it. We have a lot of the stories so they are a good add in and helps with language skills. Shawn is not a big talker yet so maybe these will encourage him along.

Shawn let Adam join in the fun with him he likes the helicopter-Harold-. It was so nice just watching them create and imagine together.

He likes keeping them all very close to him and gets such a huge smile when he plays. He does let us play with him, but is picky about who we can use:-)

Shawn really likes these trains, he even sleeps with them all in a bucket. Too funny. All the kids have liked Thomas but not as much as Shawn he is quite taken with them.


Madeline said...

Levi is a train fanatic. We could hear one in Sunday School this morning, and he went crazy going "Choo-choo, choo-choo, train! train!". said...

very cool train :-) he looks so happy with it!!

Beverly said...

so cute, love the photos

joelle said...

Trains are great. My oldest looooves trains. He can play with his for a long time retelling the stories read to him. The old original Thomas the Tank Engine stories are really the best and great for helping kids in reading and vocabulary.