Saturday, September 19, 2009

end of summer camp-out

The kids and daddy spent the night in our yard in the tent. It is the closest to camping we could get this year but the kids don;t care to them it was a night of fun and memories.

Putting up the tent proved a bit tricky they waited until it was dark and that made it a bit harder. They where just to busy having fun to realize it was dark. But it did get put together.With out much bickering:-)

They roasted marshmallows by the fire pit and had glow sticks and necklaces, which broke so they used the glow gel and drew all over the place and our whole patio looked like a million stars by the time they where done.

Then it was into jammies and into the cozy tent for snuggeling and stories;-)Shawn and i went inside for the night.

they had a great night sleeping in the tent with daddy, though daddy did not sleep too well:-) This is a time they will always remember, .How blessed we are to be able to spend this time with the children, just enjoying them watching them be silly and love life. The innocence of childhood is fleeting but it is something we all should try to hold onto- Remember Jesus said ' Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for it those such as these who will enter the kingdom of heaven'-.


Anonymous said...

Glad it was them and not me. ;)

dongdong said...

my kids love camping too. I take it you didn't sleep in the tent with them? I tried once, also in our backyard, but had to sneak back into the house after an hour. he-he.

Madeline said...

Oh. That sounds perfect! What a fun family time.

Beverly said...

looks like so much fun!