Friday, September 18, 2009


We recently got this game in a bag of used games from a fellow homeschooler the box was a bit worn but the game is in great shape. It is a bunch of many colored and shaped pieces with various pictures on them- animals, food, instruments etc..You scatter them all over the floor-theres a lot of these pieces-. Then press the button on the control box, this leads you through all kinds of moves and instructions to move from piece to piece- stomp to red, spin to a food, hop to a triangle etc..-. It is a lot of fun, my kids have been playing this endlessly for the last week.Shawn really likes it , even though he does not get the whole idea yet, he likes the throwing the pieces all over and dances to the music and is learning colors and shapes a bit.

It has been a lot of fun since there have quite a few rainy afternoons this past week, and the kids get to burn energy and have a lot of fun in the process. They have even played it in the yard. The pieces are made of a rubbery material so it is weather tolerant to a point.

I know they like it they have just gotten up and I can hear it on already . We are working on going a bit more unplugged- gasp!- so this has certainly occupied them to the point they do not care about other diversions:-) And it has also been a nice break in our school days when they say ' my brain hurts'- this just cracks me up-I can get them to play this or something else for a while- so they get some learning in and not know it.

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Madeline said...

Yay for trying to get more unplugged! It's well worth it. Promise. :) Board games are definitely a good alternative. That sounds like a fun one.