Friday, September 18, 2009

illustrating our names

In our monthly art class , we talked about illustration. And made illustrations of our names. We also talked about how we each had a unique name and we are all unique to God, he knows each of us by name :-)

We first drew names in big puffy letters.

The puffy letters where colored with bright colors and/or illustrated with things the kids liked, see how Grace's c is a caterpillar, and the dot on Madeline's i is a guinea pig:-)

we brought them home to finish and since Shawn did not make one there we helped him make one at home. the plan is to hang them on their doors.


Alice said...

what a cool idea! i have a capital letter 'K' hanging on the computer desk here that Kali made in 1st grade. it's cut out of poster board and she sticker-lettered her name on it, then covered it with stickers of things she liked - it's still one of her favorite treasures from school.....and she is in 11th grade this year :). what priceless memories you are making with your kids!

Blessings each day said...

What a good idea to combine creativity with decorating and getting to enjoy the artwork that much more!

blessings and hugs,