Saturday, September 26, 2009

MId-Atlantic Reptile Show

We attended the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show last weekend. My kids loved it, they are big time animal people, and love all creatures. I had never seen so many snakes, lizards,and frogs in one place before. There was much to see and much to learn. WE all enjoyed the adventure.There where many interesting people to talk to as well.

looking at some of the many many snakes that where there with the breeders so many beautiful creatures I had no idea of all the colors and sizes in the world. Shawn liked seeing them since most where moving and at his eye level. I will say all the breeders where so interesting to talk to and answered endless questions from my kids. and many let them hold whatever they wanted.there of course where also booths with toys, and books, and shirts for sale. Grace an Madeline's favorite attraction- shopping!;-)

How about this huge tortoise, who was only$799, WOW!! Adam and Grace thought it was 7.99, no not even close. Should have seen their faces when I said no it was almost 800$.He was a sweet guy though an let us touch him all over and feed him some carrots.

This was Grace's favorite trip of the year, she is my no fear of anything child. She loves all creatures, great and small and wanted to hold everything.

We are now reading up and studying the bearded dragon all the kids feel in love with those little lizards, and want one. However , they and I are researching them out first, reptiles are so sensitive to changes in the environment and need very special care. We have to understand all that is involved before we bring one to live with us.


BECKY said...

Hi Toni! You are my kinda gal!! There aren't too many of us who enjoy reptiles!! Looks like a great trip and it's cool that you're having the kids learn all about them, too!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!

dongdong said...

fascinating. I never would have thought a turtoise would cost that much. said...

oh that looks like such fun!! My boys would love that. You are sure giving your kids a grrreat school year!!